And there’s more…

It’s been some time since I wrote here, so I thought it about time I checked in and dumped my thoughts on church and stuff. It’s now Q2 2018, and the last few months have been quite a shitstorm in Mormondom. First we had Monson passed away, the man who up until is recent demise […]


I stopped having a traditional testimony circa 2001, after a bit of research I like many others discovered that the truth claims of the church were simply not true. In my early doubting days I wanted to discus my findings with my fellow ward members and friends, both in church settings (e.g. elders quorum etc) […]

On Policy Changes

Last Thursday (5th November 2015) someone leaked the fact that the LDS church were making changes to the Handbook of Instructions 1, he shared it with John Dehlin who then let the world know about it. In summary, the church has made the following main changes Being in a same-sex relationship is now one of […]

A Spoonfull of Sugar

11 Years ago I came to the realisation that the church is not ‘true’, like most people through the course of studying church materials, facts previously unknown to me caused me to question the claims taught in Sunday School and ones that I taught as a missionary and teacher in the church. It was a […]

Deacons don’t wear plaid

I recall an occasion, after my mission, I was attending church in my family ward, being the gung-ho RM as you do, I would help the local missionaries with investigators. There was one lady who had been attending for a few weeks now, she was timid but active lady probably in her mid-fifties, really nice […]

Careful What You Ask For

You know the old cliché, “Careful What You Ask For…You Might Get It” ?? I fear I could be there soon! For a while I have been feeling a bit bored in my career, I have not really ‘moved up the ladder’ for a few years now, and have been doing the same sort of […]

Hello Kolob

A wise and buxom woman once told me, there is a time and place for everything, and only you will know when that time is. As an almost lifelong (mum converted when I was 7)  Mormon, who has been through all the milestones and out again, a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions about this […]