Hello Kolob

A wise and buxom woman once told me, there is a time and place for everything, and only you will know when that time is.

As an almost lifelong (mum converted when I was 7)  Mormon, who has been through all the milestones and out again, a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions about this culture that is ‘the church’ can build up. Sometimes they blurt out at the wrong time, sometimes they seep out in a passive aggressive, or even a passive nicey-nicey way.

This time though is different, I want to try and get them out in a clear, articulate way, that I like to think I can as a high flying executive. I think this is my time for sharing my true feelings about the culture I grew up in, and am now raising my own kids in.

Now for a few confessions….

I love attending with my family, I love that I had a great youth (happy memories of the infamous dances of Hyde Park, Wandsworth, Imperial College, Reading, Cheltenham, North meets South, Huddersfield, Granada Studios, Manchester) I love the extended network of people I know and respect, I love how most Mormons (and ex-mormons) in the UK are linked in less than 2 hops,  I love the old church films, I love the good morals it teaches my kids, I love the fascination with American culture (where I found my love of rootbeer and reeces pieces), I even love some of the teachings, and as a semi-outsider it is amusing watching some of the internal ward and stake politics that go-on (there are some funny buggers in the church).

I could talk for hours about our culture, and what good the church can do for people. I have seen people come into the church as people who you wouldn’t give the time of day; but though the service, teaching and leadership opportunities the church has given them, grow into more happy, successful and articulate people.

That all said, I do have a few issues with the church as a religion (and probably organised religion in general), but I am happy to put them to one side, and not focus too much on them, as they are well documented elsewhere, and really I want to just concentrate on the good, funny and curious things about my culture, the one that I identify with mostly … Mormon culture.

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