11 Years ago I came to the realisation that the church is not ‘true’, like most people through the course of studying church materials, facts previously unknown to me caused me to question the claims taught in Sunday School and ones that I taught as a missionary and teacher in the church.

It was a real mind-job, knocked both me and my wife for six. I was angry and wanted to tell everyone what I had found, I wanted the church named, shamed and destroyed.

I have mellowed since then, and learned wisdom.

The church may be wrong in a number of areas, and it’s foundational events may not be what it claims, but what is has created is thousands of communities of people that in the most part (there are always exceptions!) are looking to do the right thing by their fellow humans.

If they are happy in their attendance of the church, and they are not harming others then what right do I have in jumping in and bursting that bubble? That’s not to say that I won’t answer honestly if they ask me about my disbelief but I will do it in a sensitive and caring way, making sure to ask if they really want to hear what I have to say, as it may be uncomfortable for them, and always doing it with concern for them.

Over the years I have seen people on crusades to either ‘get the TBMs to wake up’ or ‘destroy the church’ the problem with that it does have casualties, the first reaction of most people when they see a threat is to put the walls up, and either hunker down or attack back. I think the ‘crusading’ approach is wrong, I am aware that TBM’s are often on crusades to us, but when have 2 wrongs ever made a right? And in fact you will then just re-enforce the belief that anyone who leaves the church is a ‘bad’ person.

The greatest lesson to a TBM is to see someone who no longer believes, not turn into an arsehole, but as an example of a balanced, compassionate human being, all good qualities not inspired by a belief in God, but just being a good person.

I would love to see ex/nom/jack/anti mormons, start changing their stance, to a more compassionate ‘what can I do to help’ one that is not going to burn bridges, and maybe educate our still believing friends.